Johnathan Kayne believes that its so much more than a prom dress. It’s a rite of passage for many young women. Her hair is done, her makeup is perfect, her excitement is building. It’s an empowering moment during an impressionable time in her life. It’s possible the most beautiful she has ever felt.


He also believes it’s so much more than a pageant gown. It’s all of your hard work to make a difference on top of all your other dreams. Its building friendships that last a lifetime. It’s building confidence in yourself and learning healthy competition that pushes you to be your best. Its learning how to lose gracefully. Its believing in yourself. It’s the rush of emotion right before you take the stage. It’s your time to shine.


At Johnathan Kayne, they understand how important these events are in your life. We also understand what it takes to make you feel your absolute best at these events. You want a design that is just as unique and special as you are. A design that is cut in flattering proportions for your body and complements your eyes, hair and skin tone. A design that fits your personality or transforms it. You want a dress that is well made and designed to truly fit a women’s body. A gown that will play a supporting role in the memories of that special time in your life.