Tarik Ediz believes that fashion is about communicating the essence of who you are with the world. That’s why the design of each Tarik Ediz evening and prom dress you wear is unique and inspired.


With the creativity of a designer, Tarik Ediz are offering exceptional dresses and gown collections for women on their special days. Tarik Ediz, based in New York and Istanbul was founded in 1989 by its namesake Tarik Ediz himself. Started, as family jobs today became one of the leading brands in the sector of special occasion dresses.


Design Dresses for Special Occasions with each Tarik Ediz dress you make a fashion statement. From party dresses to ball gowns with every Tarik Ediz design you’ll wear, will feel yourself as a shining star. Handmade embroideries and appliques on our gowns will keep everyone’s attention.